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June 2018
European Kingdom of Azamur
Azamur is an EU Kingdom , created by a regroupment of Mortal online friend .This Kingdom is based on the friendship and the team interest Its not an empiric dominion with dictator on the top abusing of every people under him ...
Inner Politic
Three levels: - GuardiansVillage member of the small council , responsable of EVERYTHING , they deal into the will of members and the Kingdom alignement and stability . - Members Village member of Azamur , poll and give his opinion to contribute to improve the kingdom life experience . - AllyVillage link to Azamur by an diplomatic interest , not member , but link by a military or economic pact ... Small council system: 3 Village is called Guardian of Azamur and is responsable to the diplomatic and inner management They operate like 3 friend , making poll or simple discussions to found a logic solution to every problems . If an member create a conflict , The guardian are responsable to manage and solve this problem ... In this way , The council is able to call a poll or aply directly a punishment or a taxes to repair the problem created by a village member . - Vukodlac / Mercenary Squad ( French ) - Kranick / Escuadron de las Sombra ( Spanish ) - Kuthara / Keepers of the Oath ( English )
Kingdom Rules
Guardians rules : - Take all your decision for the kingdom and respect as possible the will of individual members to improve the life quality inside the kingdom . - Dont place the kingdom in difficulty for a personal reason like "this fucker insult me so i wardec his clan" ... - Dont abuse of your rank to take a superiority statue about other member , your rank of guardian is a responsability , not a power . Members rules : - guardian manage to be flexible and listen people , but they cant make everybody happy and in all condition , you need to follow when they need you ! this is the condition to be an effective and strong kingdom . - you represent the kingdom, so dont create a bad reputation to our comunity with dick move , insult and other shit . - if you have problem with an another player or village member , talk with his leader or an guardian , dont grief or kill him yourself ... that just upping the probleme intensity . - follow the politic actuality on the forum , create diplomatic accident is your responsibility if the information is given on the forum Ally rules : - respect your pact , if you change mind after , its to late , if you dont respect it , you will loose in reputation and maybe more . - if you cannot assume your part of the pact in the time period , you need to explain it before the delay on the forum or to an Azamur guardian , if you dont explain it before the delay , the pact as considered broken .
If you want apply to the European Kingdom of Azamur [EKoA] you need to go on the forum in the Recruitment section . => new platform coming soon as posible ! the old as been turn off : You can contact us on Discord : [EKoA-Ms]Vuko#0077 or on steam : [Msquad]Vukodlac Who can apply ? - Single player to clan - Clan to Kingdom - every people able to follow and understand our family spirit ! Who cannot apply ? - carebear - egomaniac - leader or people unable to follow or stay at their "simple" member condition than an equal of all other members :twisted: ( work in progress )
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